About BlueJays Landing

 BlueJays Landing

Giving with heart, living green, making it all about family & friends...

We are a small "born-in-the-USA" mom and pop operation with a dedication to providing the best customer service possible. Home to BlueJays Landing is beautiful Bella Vista  at the NW corner of Arkansas, the Natural State.

With little money but a lot of dedication and hard work, BlueJays Landing was established 2003. Choosing a name was a challenge at first, but when we stopped to think of who and where we were, the choice was quickly made.

“BlueJays” because we are literally Blue, Jan - and- Jim!
Landing because when we started, we had no idea what we would put in our shop but wanted to offer products that people liked and that filled a need. Living in the Midwest with connections to St. Louis, Kansas City and Arkansas, we thought of the Mississippi River in the early days.  Paddle wheel boats would stop at “landings” built at the riverfront. These landings were gathering places where folks went to visit and shop the goods brought by the boats. They were predecessors of today’s flea markets and shopping malls. 

Thus, BlueJays Landing seemed a perfect name for our fledgling business.

Guided by the simple premise of the “Bible’s Golden Rule,” we conduct business on the principles of quality, integrity, honesty and reliability. We are proud of our high customer ratings, both for our product and our above-and-beyond service!

BlueJays Landing pledges to offer products that are
Unique and useful ...  from our nest to yours


*** Jim and I have a very strong and heartfelt affinity for the Miller McNeil Woodruff Foundation! We donate for every HealthyShelf® we sell!

Visit the web site:  I'm with Miller

Read the remarkable story of baby Miller and his beautiful family while learning about SMA. Then join us in sending financial support to help these infants and children grow to adulthood!