Genuine WinBridge Multi-Purpose Wireless Microphone Mic WB008

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If you like the ability to be hands free and not hooked to wires so you can move around at will, then you can stop searching!
This is a great Wireless Headset Microphone for you.

  • WinBridge WB008 Pro UHF wireless microphone is a wireless headset that transmits to a receiver. The receiver plugs into any regular (standard) small or large microphone jack. It is compatible with most audio sound systems with microphone jack.
  • The wireless headset and receiver are built-in over-capacity rechargeable polymer batteries offering long battery life which can yield more than 10 hours for receiver, 5 hours for wireless mic.
  • The wireless microphone can split into headset and handheld models. It is a  2-in-1 detachable wireless mic - i.e. removable ear hook and removable handheld mic.
  • It comes with 3.5mm adapter to 6.5mm jack which can be used to connect the headset via UHF to most wired or wireless speakers amplifier unit, mixer, SLR camera, TV, stereo bus, etc.

Included in Package:
1 Transmitter
1 Receiver
1 3.5 mm adapter
1 USB cable
1 User Maual

NOTE: This system is NOT compatible with phones, computers, nnotebooks, tablets, portable Bluetooth speakers or any Apple brand products