Genuine WinBridge Original Sound Voice Amplifier Digital Player WB005

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Voice Amplifier Portable Microphone and Speaker
Perfect for Teachers/Instructors/Guides/Elderly
Anyone Who Wants/Needs a Good Sound Enhancer System

Super lightweight, compact and rechargeable portable voice amplifier
that offers good sound quality 
by WinBridge

The smallest amplifier in the world, this little gem has 10W strong output which allows you to project your voice across a group of 50-80 people clearly and loudly, with no feedback and no distortion. 

The waistband amplifier is typically lightweight, which makes it portable, so carrying it around is a cinch;  all you  do is clip it to your belt or use the handy shoulder strap provided. Using the right waistband amplifier can relieve your voice of the rigors of frequent strain from speaking to groups.

High volume amplification, low feedback from microphone, and amazing sound clarity are some of its features

  • Runs on rechargeable batteries that provide power output
  • Charging time: 3-5 hours
  • Aux/Line In port allows you to use this device to amplify external music players such cell phones, laptops, MP3 players.
  • Plug and Play operation is straightforward allowing you to be up and running quickly
  • Portable PA system recording, FM radio, TF card, Udisk and Power display
  • Adjustable headset for comfortable fit
  • Microphone and music play simultaneously
  • Compatible with all audio devices designed to be portable speakers
  • Amplifies voice - saves throat from straining

Application:  Teaching, training, promotion, outdoor guidance and other activities requiring live sound reinforcement. This personal voice amplifier kit is ideal for tour guides, youth counselors, teachers, professors, day care staff, clowns/party entertainers, etc